He has many looks. He has many expressions. He has so much to share. Deemed a new world sensation, is because Gabryel is more than just music. He's about enjoying life more than we have and breaking all the rules. And getting a bit crazy.

Everything he does from songwriting, to novel creating, to speaking out and entertaining us, are driven by his never-ending energy to see past the same, repetitious world we're in, and explode with ecstatic thrill to capture everything new.

He'll challenge you to see past the mundane, provoke you to journey with him onto new paths, defy you to live differently. A new evolution of ourselves to be more than we think we are.

He asks...can you see past it all - the constant pounding your senses are taking every day, the same things, over and over again, reprocessed again but still the same, until they become fleeting moments gone, you barely even remember them...

Not for him. He is enthralled by every moment of life. It comes out in his music. It comes out in his writings. It comes out in his shows. In comes out in everything he says and does. When you meet him, you'll see.



Breaking the trends. Reaching out. Touching you in a changing way than you find today.

Creating a unique moment with each song, a memorable feelings and thoughts. Never the same. Always a new journey.

Touching, tasteful classical guitar work in “Yellow Butterfly” to the driving guitars and fanfare in the surge to glory of “The Rise & Glory of Mr. Hollywood”, absorbing stories of fantasy becoming reality.

“Hearts Enslave” a mystical blend of rock guitar and cavernous violins and cellos, a climatic story of lovers forever torn apart by time and space.

“Her”s musical and lyrical tension struggling to understand a secretive girl’s mysterious, venomous attraction.  

The "blues-fused rock guitar" work, surrounded by harmonic vocals in “Dalilah”, the ultimate seductress whose stunning beauty she crafts into a loving web no one can withstand.

“Power” pounding drumming and screaming guitar rhythms, sudden flowing, contemplating moods, surges hidden, fleeting Power in all of us.

“Tiny Little Skirt”s fast upbeat guitar play and lively vocals, a fun tongue-in-cheek look at exactly that.

The music is new. The music is fresh. Be bold and daring. Taste it all and take 'em home.  



Gabryel's message is not just music. In his drive to expose some of man's deepest emotions, Gabryel authored and published a thriller/mystery novel called “Innocence Murdered.”

Reviewed and press released by Amazon, Gabryel not only wants you to take a chance with your courage, but also challenges you to see our darkest secrets.

Sit back and be taunted by this combined James Patterson (fast paced)/Stephen King (thriller) escapade into our deep minds and the bottomless soul of man. It’s a page turner.

Gabryel’s “My Sensations” is a perceptive collection of timeless life experiences, from the simple to the sublime, from the fun to the serious.

In every word, Gabryel gives a different slice of life. From anger to happiness to rage to love to wonder to quiet serene to screaming out loud to final ecstasy. Try the Power of Poetry.



Some say Gabryel’s alter-ego. A possible twin? Separated at birth? ...the story unfolds ... you're on your own...



Be part of a changing world. Let's catch up with Gabryel and break out and breathe the new times coming to us.  Get to know him now.

...and definitely stay tuned for more!

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  • Songwriter - Producer - Vocals - Electric, Acoustic, Classical Guitars - Lead Guitar - Bass - Keyboards - Percussion


  • Photography - Videographer - Creative Consultant

"...Kristine has been heaven sent and truly at the right time. Her boundless creative ideas, her expert techniques, her forever energy, and her eye for capturing the exact right look and feeling, are beyond priceless. Find her work throughout my site and my journey. Many thanks forever."


  • Co-Songwriter (The Rise & Glory of Mr. Hollywood, Yellow Butterfly) - Keyboards (The Rise & Glory of Mr. Hollywood, Yellow Butterfly, Tiny Little Skirt, Her, Hearts Enslave)

"...many years Joe and I have played and wrote together and he has the unique ability to find that right feel or melody that a song is crying for. He understands the simplicity needed in songwriting and has immense creative talent. Along with his keyboard performances, Joe has and continues to be a great artist in so many ways."


  • Drums (The Rise & Glory of Mr. Hollywood, Tiny Little Skirt, Her, Hearts Enslave) 

"...what can I say about Nick. He is first so dedicated to his art and skills, which creatively explodes both on stage and in the studio. I call him "first-take Nick" as his first records are brilliant, and doing other additional takes are for curiosity only, as we always use his first take. Amazing. Finally, Nick is both a great artist and a great person and friend. Many thanks for unbelievable performances, especially the iconic performance on The Rise & Glory of Mr. Hollywood. Just brilliant."


  • Lead Guitar - Electric Guitar (Tiny Little Skirt, Her, Hearts Enslave)

"...I do not know a better Rock guitarist. As well as an awesome acoustic performer. I marvel at Matt's abilities to find that exact right sound, right where it's needed, right at the right time. He has such artistic instinct and makes it appear so effortless. Now, the ultimate...his solos are &#^$%# amazing! Hearts Enslave is a premier example of his rockin' rhythms, ingenious rock melodic builds in the chorus, and especially his driving rock solo. Great friend and mate. Rock on'"


  • Drums (Yellow Butterfly)

"...Stevie is first and foremost one of the greatest friend you'll ever want. Always, always ready and willing to help and create with you. A serious and wonderful songwriter on his own, I and everyone else just love his songs. His band Smartypants has rocked venues all over and his ability to make us drop our facades and truly see our real selves is his absolute unique talent. It's more than songwriting, he talks to us and shows us our inner real selves. His drum work on Yellow Butterfly was perfectly performed and was so right to the feel of the beautiful song. I cannot, over the many great years together, thank you enough Stevie. A true friend and partner in every way."


  • Drums - Backing Vocals (Power, Dalilah)

"...I met Chris what seems like a billion years ago. His band needed a soundperson fill-in at the time and I was recommended. From there on, we spent enormous creative times together and late, late nights in a smoked-filled studio. We've worked on many songs together and he is so creative. Vocally, harmonies, melodies, verses, choruses, arrangements, and especially his drumming, will just take your breath away. He finds those hidden things no one else hears and transforms them into song hooks that are amazing. On this album, you will hear him on Power and Dalilah vocally and drumming, but we have such a huge repertoire together that please, sign up to our mail list today to know when more is coming from Chris and all these great artists, as we craft more and more Rock n' Roll for you. With deepest thanks (and for putting up with me), always friends, writers, and creators. Peace brother. And as he's fond of saying...ttys!"


  • Bass (Tiny Little Skirt, Her, Hearts Enslave)

"...Stev. My man. First, a blinding bass player. I mean, his play takes your breath away. From lightning to subtle to rockin', Stev is so multi-talented, there's no song ever he cannot give blow-away performances, exactly and perfectly created. Plus he's such a great friend. His quips make me laugh so much and he'll hit you with the unexpected every time. So many great and fun times both live and in the studio. Your play on Tiny Little Skirt I just love. Perfect. Her and Hearts Enslave are wonderful expressions from Stev that I know no better bass player. Always wish to work and perform together. Talk soon, my man."


  • Backing Vocals (Tiny Little Skirt, Her, Hearts Enslave)

"...Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy. If you know her, you absolutely love her. You cannot, not love her. She has been such a creative, talented vocalist as well as one of the most loyal persons you'll ever know. And I know for a fact that she is thrilled that Hearts Enslave made it to this album - her favorite song we ever worked together on. If you ever meet her, ask her if she remembers the original lyrics to Tiny Little Skirt. To this day, I have always been amazed you would sing them lol. They are still in the vault for some day a world that both Stevie C-Note and I hope will exist someday soon. Thanks so much for being a great performer (your range is amazing) and a great, real friend. Rock on' girl."


  • Co-Songwriter (Her, Hearts Enslave)

"...long time friend and co-songwriter. If there ever was true magick in two creative artists coming together, it's Vince and I. Every time we get together, Vince on keyboards and I on guitar, it's just heaven-sent magick. True Lennon and McCartney magick. Her and Hearts Enslave are only the tip of the songs we created and there's more to come in future releases. He is so talented a keyboardist/pianist and vocalist. He has won many awards especially the Elton John contest a little while ago, honored as the performing artist closest to Elton John. Looking forward to more times together."


  • Artist, Fine Artist (FUN Art) (

"...Blair is one of the most creative artists I have ever met. Her collages and art forms are absolutely unique and known worldwide. I have so many of her works from knowing her over the years and especially at the Rittenhouse Square Arts Festival. Mr. Hollywood's imagery was created by Blair at the behest of Mr. Hollywood himself. She is a world traveler and graces everywhere she goes. Always thanks and always both art friends and true friends."


  • Music and Entertainment Publisher


  • Recording - Mixing - Engineering - Production


  • Mastering and Mastering For iTunes

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Just keep coming back for more...

Just keep coming back for more...



Where I came from… 

My influences are many and varied. From rock, pop, blues rock, metal, hard rock, prog rock, acoustic through the 60's, 70's, 80's, etc.

Bands and artists across that realm that I love and influenced my art are (to name some and no specific order): Yes, Clapton, Queen, Zep, Bowie, Cream, Derek and Dominos, Carpenters, Genesis (w/Peter), Frampton, Elton, Billy J, Climax Blues Band, Blue O Cult, Metallica, J Tull, Police, Madonna, K Perry, Duran Duran, Human League, Modern English, B Dylan, Simon and Gar, Moody Blues, Dire Straits, The Bangles, Beatles, Beatles Solo especially George, Tears for Fears, U2,  Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Bon Jovi, Huey Lewis, Blondie, The Pretenders, ZZ Top, etc 

Where I’m going… 

New music from Metal to Rock to Country and everything in between! Come along for an always new, fantastic ride!

Your friend,



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