FIRST Fun Little Story!

PHEW! I just finished this enchanting but maybe a little freaky Fun Little Story called "Waiting Room - Destination Unknown" - the first installment of "-  T I M E L E S S   V O R T E X…


Hey all friends and fans!

Just got in our very first shipment of my Vinyl LP's!

If you have a turntable (or planning on getting one!) and want that wonderful vintage Vinyl LP look, feel, and sound, please gets yours…

HERE THEY COME...YouTube, Videos, Podcasts, and Live Streaming

Very Exciting Times! They're a'comin'!

"Everything Gabryel" my YouTube channel is in production as we speak! An open-ended show about everything and anything! First Episode airing around end of June/beginning of July. Can't wait!

My Videos and Live Streaming are…


Hi all. Welcome this beautiful day.

I'm excited about the new site and all the positive expression here.

Take a tour and hope you enjoy everything.

If you haven't already, remember to sign up for my occasional newsletter about what's…