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Remember that thrill every time you hear or read or experience something that just grabs you to taste more...



Welcome & Good Wishes to You!


I want to let you personally know that my new artist site is now live. It's dedicated to the positive, entertaining arts of music, stories, performances, thoughtful discussions, and other uplifting experiences. I honestly feel so alive and energized every day! I would love you to join in.


I also want to sincerely thank everyone who has helped me, been an inspiration to me, guided me, created with me, and who have just been there as great friends supporting me on this fantastic, continuous journey that started years ago and is now here today.



You can tastefully explore my new album release of positive Pop music titled: "Wonderland"


Next, you can bravely delve into my Amazon published Thriller Mystery novel "Innocence Murdered"


Then, touchingly peruse my book of some thoughtful , fun, and entertaining Poetry caressingly titled "My Sensations" also found on Amazon


And for your creative hunger, I am presenting this enchanting but maybe a little freaky Fun Little Story called "Waiting Room - Destination Unknown" - the first installment of "-  T I M E L E S S   V O R T E X  -" imaginative series



Also, smilingly (and maybe laughingly) check out my candid photo shots and other personal themes and ideas, as well as my blogs, live streaming shows, YouTube show, and much more now and coming. Check out becoming a Fan, too to support and for discounts!


I sincerely hope you continually enjoy the experience, take some positive and exciting things home with you, support my mission of bringing uplifting energy to living, and just have a truly wonderland day!


Always Your friend,





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Have a Very Positive Day!




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