Crazy ideas pop, crop, drop into my head  all the time. The ideas are of anything.

Sometimes simple life observations, sometimes far-out Sci-Fi images, sometimes really strange.

Then there's a little story that starts to unfold.

These are those stories...

And they keep on coming, so kindly come back for more!

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Little Story 01

Hi. Welcome to my bio. I’m gonna jump around a lot as thoughts come to me. I hope I don’t bore you and if I do, definitely not intentional :) 

I’m a native Philadelphian, lived here all my life, and love the town. I also love the Jersey Shore (I’m a North Wildwood crazy fan), and I love Florida because of my need for heat and palm trees. 

I’m a fan of history and read and study it whenever I can. Just thinking that people actually lived a whole different way and it was the absolute norm and the current day to them is amazing to me. In the future, our time and ways will be just history, too. I think you learn a lot from such points of view and how we can always change our world – because it’s been done so many times before. I’m big about changing our world now for the better… 

For more of my other loves, see My Influences on this page. 

Ok, I love staying in shape and at the same time eating pizza (especially Mack’s on Wildwood’s boardwalk), cheesesteaks (of course Philly and my own), and my own-made meatball grinders – to name just some of my food loves. Check out my culinary loves and creations on my Candid & Artistic Page... 

Ok, artistically. First, I love being an artist – and having artistic talents (I believe gifts) in many different arts. I love the creation process and the expressing of my feelings. Art to me is the beautiful, magickal expression and capturing in time all of our emotions. 


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"Live The Now In Wonderment"

- Gabryel Kevyn

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