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Fun Little Story 01

“Waiting Room – Destination Unknown” 

       The room’s brightness was its usual blinding glare as he casually walked in. He sighed as he heard the all too familiar laughter and boisterousness of the newcomers lounging lazily around, happily recovering from their intense adventure. He wondered where they were going. Never knew the destination until he saw the reservation and itinerary but he had a feeling, that strange feeling. 

        “Hey!” screamed one of them. “Did you also come from that insane trip?!” 

        He knew it was meant for him. “Um, yeah, I did.” It’s where he always comes from before work. “I see you all enjoyed the tour.” 

        “Well then why so gloomy?!” belted another with a roaring laugh that all the others followed up with in sequence. “It was so awesome! I KNEW we were doing it right!” 

        He smiled at their self-congratulations. He slightly waved at the four of them and proceeded towards the next room. The door’s sign read “Reservations – Check In.” He could hear them calling out pleading how much longer do they have to wait there. He ignored them and started closing the door behind him. 

        As he did, he noticed the quiet fellow in the corner just looking blankly down. He knew that type very well, too. He shook his head and quietly closed the door. 

        “’bout time,” Roma muttered with a smile that always disarmed him. She was sitting behind the large ornate desk they used. There were no lively resort-type pictures all over the walls like in the waiting room. Suited him fine. 

        “Yeah, yeah,” Artur muttered playfully back. “I see we have the next batch…well, them and that other fellow.” 

        “Yep! All yours! Your turn!” Roma got up, stretched and walked up to Arthur in front of the desk. “Curious?” she asked, stroking the back of his neck. 

        “Of course, but I think I know.” Artur replied with a cocked head and smile. He felt that sudden rush of adrenaline or what may be thought to be adrenaline. There was excitement to this job and he pumped himself up ready for the experience once again. Better than gatekeeping he thought musingly. 

        “Well, have fun!” Roma winked, patted him on the butt, and joyously bounced out of the room. Artur could hear the riotous laughter again and impatient call outs to Roma, asking again when is it their turn! He also heard some loud comments and cheers on her stunning beauty and half naked body. He then heard Roma high-five them on her way out. He chuckled. 

        Always impatient to get back to the fun, to the joy, to the utterly insane beauty and happiness of a heaven-like place they could only dream of. No one wanted to have to wait to get that back, to get back there. But rules are rules. And reservations are reservations. And itineraries are itineraries. 

[ Welcome to the “Waiting Room – Destination Unknown,” an intense story of a trip we all may wish to make someday. A vacation trip we all hope for, that can blow your mind and fill your heart with such overwhelming happiness and joy, you may finally know what a nirvana may truly be all about. Our four unexpected friends have just done exactly that. They have been thrown together into a brief but ecstatic journey of pleasures and joys, a tour of the unbelievable, and now have to wait for what, they do not know. They greedily hope for more and can’t wait much longer. No one can. To get back was all that mattered here. But as always in an uncertain world, there are twists and turns we only see when we get there. Along with you, our four friends have unexpectedly journeyed into the ... ]

- T I M E L E S S   V O R T E X - 


Fun Little Story 02

“The Primitive Stage - Act 1 Scene 1”  

[ Preview:  Delve into the surreal of an incredible show of shows that lurks beneath our very existence! Who are the actors and who are the theatre goers! ]

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Fun Little Story 03

“The Penal Colony”   

[ Preview:   The first installment of "The Adventures of Nektar & Nawtry", as they once again take on the task and challenge of keeping us safe and making sure our universal correction facilities are fully operational and productive. What part of the Universe are they from again?? It may not be what you think!]

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Fun Little Story 04


[ Preview: Anyone can gamble. Anyone can take a chance. But are you willing to go up against the "Gamers" with the odds they are giving? Maybe you should pass on this one...this time... ]

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Fun Little Story 05

“We Stupid?”    

[ Preview:  So, ummmm, how do we know if we are stupid or not? In some things...maybe, in some things...maybe not. Isn't "stupid" in the eye of the beholder? Come and see whose eyes are being beholden! ]

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Fun Little Story 06

“One Day At The Office”     

[ Preview:   A typical day in the T I M E L E S S   Z O N E. What is typical? What is normal? And do I have to go to the office today ...AGAIN?! Well, if I have to, so do you! 

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