My name is Morton Crawley. I am a stock broker. Yea, do you believe it? A friggin' stock broker. I mean nothin' wrong with being a stock broker. It's just not what I wanted to be. What I mean is, when does a stock broker get the chance to talk to a legend?!

Well, fast becoming a legend! Another thing about me before I begin this tale. I'm a closet writer. Well, more of a closet journalist-wanna-be. Could never do it. Parents wouldn't allow it. Gotta make money. Gotta be respectable. Gotta gotta. Crap you put up with in life...well fuck it now.

Anyways, tell you the truth, this has been a whirlwind for me. He just came up to me. I mean that simple. Right up to my face. I didn't know who the hell he was then. But instead of decking him, I was caught by his eyes. His face. I felt like that guy Matthew from I think the bible. Ya know who I mean? Like he was chosen and was a broker too I think.

Ok enough about me. My life is boring to hell. But not his. OMG. The tale is amazing. Actually the tale and the interview he granted me. Just me! I wrote as much as I could as fast as I could and then he was gone. I'll never forget it or him. Now he's famous here and it's growing, growing fast. I heard he spoke at the UN. The friggin' UN. I just wish one day I'll get a chance to see him in person again. Just something about him. Well, I guess it's time to let it loose. I feel completely compelled and so does everyone who meets him. The news is crazily catching on. But everyone knows that!

One last thing before I begin. I really want to thank my great friend Gabryel for allowing me to have this small page dedicated to MrH. He says he felt honored. But there's something though about him, too. I mean Gabryel. Almost like he knows something but isn't saying. He swears it off when I press him. He did admit meeting MrH and was so fascinated, he wrote the song dedicated to his tale and rise. Amazing song. Really captures it all. I just get a really strange feeling about Gabryel sometimes. Like maybe MrH has something on him. Maybe mind-control. I don't know. Every time I ask, he says nothing and just smiles. It's just that look in his eyes. Like MrH's in a way but different. Weird. Well, that's Gabryel for you! Crazy Rock Star!

For me, it'll always be this interview that awed me. I'll shut up now lol and tell it. Here we go...

Interview - Part 1

Well, a week ago...

American Dream...lost...wonder where we're going...can it get worse...can it get better...

We secured a secret and exclusive interview. It wasn't easy. Mr H is...

Crawley: May are asking, why won't you show yourself?"

Mr H: "ddddddddddddd"

Crawley: "Maybe you're not real. I mean I see you and am talking to you, but no one has ever seen you except for the image. Even though I see, why should they believe?"

Why America? I mean why start with America?


Happening now???? Create as if… 

Crawley: "So much is heard about 1, 2, 3, 4, SO EASY!! Can you explain once and for all..." 




1, 2, 3, 4, SO EASY!!  


1 = KNOW – Know completely what you want  


2 = BELIEVE – Believe without any doubt you can  


3 = SEE – See it always in your mind and heart as already true  


4 = DO – Do it now today and never stop until you win  




Gabryel interview part…Twins separated at birth – MrH sought me out  


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Interview Part 2 …To Be Continued 



Preview Gabryel's tribute to MrH below!

And take the Full Tale home to listen over and over again.

It tells the Whole Story!

...and it's Rock n' Roll!


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