Just follow his simple Motto and you will know him...

1,  2,  3,  4...


( your life)


Hi, Gabryel here. First, thanks for coming by! Just wanted to give a brief introduction to this amazing story. I met Mr. Hollywood a little time back and his journey so caught me, I found myself inspired to write the rock song "The Rise & Glory Of Mr Hollywood!" both as a tribute and to capture him in song.

My dear friend Mort has also been inspired by Mr. H and incredibly got the opportunity to actually do the first exlusive, in-person interview he ever gave. Much more intimate than being on talk shows and public forums.

I'm truly excited to be able to host these interview sessions on my site and hope you find them as intriguing as I have. He also promised to be a guest on my upcoming YouTube show "Rock Your Life!"

I'm dedicating this page to him. So, as always, Let's Get Rockin'!



My name is Morton Crawley. I am a stock broker. So honestly, when does a stock broker get the chance to talk to a real legend, more or less do a personal interview? 

Something about me before I begin this tale. I'm a closet journalist-wanna-be. Could never do it. Didn’t want to take any chances in my life. Crap you regret never doing...well fuck that now. 

One day, out of nowhere, this guy comes up to me – right up to my face. My first instinct was to deck him. But his eyes, his face... He didn’t have to say anything. I immediately relaxed and just stared back. 

He smiled and my daze faded. I knew who he was. I mean I’ve seen his face almost everywhere. It was that Mr. Hollywood guy, in person, friggin' in front of me. Nose to nose.

I’ve read some of his stuff, seen him on TV and in the news, and well, his popularity is growing so fast, puts the Beatles to shame. 

People just love him. They dress like him, follow after him. Want to hear him. You know what I mean. There’s magic in everything he does and says. The world’s new fantasy idol. And his message is so damn simple. Doesn't make much sense to me such a simple message and yet so amazingly popular. But it’s also him. He’s fun to be around. He listens a lot. Then he speaks. He’s incredible.

So, why me? He offered to do his first interview with me! No one has ever gotten an intimate personal interview with Mr. H. So, I don’t know why me and I honestly don't care why. It's just I never met him before. I found out later that my friend Gabryel mentioned me to him. Not sure how Gabryel knows him. Again, I really don't care. I'm just thankful to him.

So, I did it. I did so much prep for this moment, I was feeling dazed . I told myself to just be cool. He's just a man.

We arranged time and did it. The only stipulation was no one could know until it was finished and published. And only published here, on Gabryel’s site. Mr. H's strict instructions.

I didn’t care. I just was thrilled. Here we go…the life of a living legend… 



Crawley: “Wow! You’re really here!” 

MrH: “Yep, I told you I would be.” (strong handshake and his huge smile all just disarmed me)

Crawley: “Ok, for the record, we do not know each other.” 

MrH: “That was true. Now we do.” (again that big smile) 

Crawley: “Ok, so why me? I mean, you have spoken by request at the UN – twice! Every country wants you to visit. You’re an American Hero and fast becoming a world hero.” 

MrH: “There’s nothing special about me. I’m just the same as you or anyone. That’s why I felt lucky to be able to talk with you. No hype. Just talk person to person without cameras, crowds. Just human to human. That’s all we are.” 

Crawley: (I sat back aghast) “No fucking way. You are everything. I'm the lucky one. You know everything about life and how to live. How to solve our problems. How to make peace and people just follow. You’re crazily special. You don’t see this?” 

MrH: (chuckling) “Honestly, no, I don’t.” 

Crawley: “Ok, ok. Your humility is shocking if not believable if I may say so. Anyone else would be riding high on the hype and all the glory being given.” 

MrH: “Oh, I would never say glory. Hype, yes there is. Too obvious not to see but I really don’t care about hype. I just like meeting people and talking about things. It's all about people.” 

Crawley: “Understatement of the year. Let’s get to my real first question. Why ‘Mr. Hollywood’? I mean, kind of corny, don’t you think?” 

MrH: (laughs heartily) “I completely agree with you Mort. Wasn’t my idea.” 

Crawley: “Wait. You didn’t coin your own name?” 

MrH: “Com’on. Who would call themselves that?” 

Crawley: “So, are you saying, people just started calling you that? What’s your real name?” 

MrH: “Yes. And I honestly don’t know. Was raised by wolves.” 

Crawley: “What?!” 

MrH: “Just kidding. Always wanted to say that.” (he heartily laughs...I thought of Santa Claus) 

Crawley: “So?” 

MrH: “Sorry. If you need to know, and it’s already known too, I was raised in foster home after foster home. I had no real name that I know of. Parents just dropped me off as an infant.” 

Crawley: “That’s terrible. Have you been angry since?” 

MrH: “Who said I was angry? I never get angry. Ever. I don't even know what angry feels like. I love my life and all my experiences. I try to tell people that about their own lives. Everything is a wonderful experience, even if it appeared or appears bad in your life. Be enthralled by wonders.” 

Crawley: “That’s pretty powerful statement…if not believable. And you say that a lot, too. Be enthralled by wonders. What wonders?” 

MrH: “What wonders?! Are you breathing? Do you see the sun rise every day? At least for now... Does a child's smile inspire you? Birds chirping. Smell of the ocean. A soft kiss. Floating on a raft. A rock. A mountain. Need I go on?”  

Crawley: “You sound like a 60's hippie.” 

MrH: “What's wrong with that? But it's more than that...the 60's. They were on the right path but the world got in the way. The world not being the earth, but being man. Wasn't sustainable. And again, there's so much more. Trust me. But we'll get to that.”  

Crawley: “You speak with authority. I see why people love you. I mean, they do.” 

MrH: “I love them. I wouldn't be here if I didn't.”  

Crawley: (I let that one go for now as I wanted to keep to my predescribed agenda as I knew I had only so much time today)“Let's get back to that. So, you have a saying, some kind of formula people say?” 

MrH: “Formula?" (he laughs again that endearing laugh) "I'm not a scientist. I know alot about science but not a scientist. It's a simple way of achieving in life. Achieving anything. Simply...1, 2, 3, 4, Open The Door! 1. Change the way you think about yourself ...and honestly, also the world 2. Be completely honest with yourself 3. Believe in yourself with complete courage 4. Never hesitate ...always do it now.” 

Crawley: “Right! That's it. Your saying. Or should I say motto.” 

MrH: “Belief. My belief. My belief in life. What I call Truth In Living.” 

(…at this point, I realized that we keep moving from one topic to the next without really finishing what I want about the previous one, like a flowing river. He amazingly just guides you without guiding you and you just follow…) 

Crawley: “Ok we’ll get back to that.” (I scramble down my list...)

MrH: “Any time you want.” 

Crawley: “Why white? I mean, you almost always wear white. And a lot of jewelry. Is that real stuff?” 

MrH: “First, to answer your question on my name. I was walking down midtown Manhattan and as a crowd gathered seeing me, this person yells out “it’s Mr. Hollywood!” and kept yelling it. Everyone starts saying it, started actually chanting it, and I guess it just caught on. Maybe it’s the jewelry. I don’t know. It just stuck. By the way, it’s almost all costume jewelry. It’s fun to wear.” 

Crawley: “That’s crazy but kind of cool. So, just call you Mr. Hollywood?” 

MrH: “Mr. H is fine” (he sits back and smiles, his white casual shirt opens and the necklaces pop out fully seen. The thought crossed my mind they were moving by themselves… He sees my look and smiles a smile that was so deep, it caused me to stare again…) 

Crawley: (feeling a little freaked) “Well, there’s certainly an aura about you. I mean around you. Like everywhere. Do you feel it?” 

MrH: (he wets his lips) “I do not feel an aura. I feel me. I breathe and feel me. I will say I’m always excited about being alive. Every moment is a thrill. Every step a journey. Be enthralled by wonders.” 

Crawley: “I’ve never heard anyone being so happy. How do you do it? It’s really catching.” 

MrH: “Why wouldn’t everyone feel that way? That’s what I don’t get. Everyone seems sometimes so miserable, so sad. I can’t be that way. Never. No reason to. Look around you. Look up! Feel up! Every moment!” (he suddenly stands up with his arms outstretch!) 

Crawley: (somehow I lose my breath like when a beautiful thing happens. I catch my breath and take a deep one) “You really believe in what you say.” 

MrH: (he lowers his arms slowly, looks down at me. For a moment, I thought I saw a bright light behind his head) “It’s just me.” (then that disarming smile…) 

(some minutes pass as he slowly strolled around the room as if in deep thought...I watch him intently, wondering if this is real or not...or does he have some kind of power...) 

MrH: (stopping suddenly, he looks over at me) “White is the color of pureness. The symbol of goodness. Positive energy. It’s how I always feel, always project out. Sometimes I add a bit of color as nature does. Stirs it up a bit.” (his grin impishly playful...) 

Crawley: (had to think for a second, then realized he was answering my previous question) “Yes, it is that, isn’t it.” (I pause. He waits, standing there gazing at me what seemed almost a fatherly face. I gathered my thoughts and relooked at my notes.) “Oh, I know, wanted to ask about your stories. Some say your parables.” 

MrH: (he walked back to his chair and casually sat) “Yes, what about them?” 

Crawley: “People love them. I mean, they talk about them all the time. They really touch them both intellectually and real emotionally. And they are all so different. Some very imaginative and thought provoking. Some like simple child's talk. You speak to them as they gather around you and then they’re published, like word for word. Do you tape them?” 

MrH: (chuckling) “No I do not tape them. I know them. No need to tape them.” 

Crawley: “That’s a lot of memory. A lot of stories. I mean parables...some stories...” 

MrH: “Yep. It’s easy for me.” 

Crawley: “So, why so many of them? So many different topics? And why parables sometimes?” 

MrH: “Everyone likes to be told a story, don’t they? It’s a great way to talk about life. We all want to change our lives somehow, I would think. What better way than a story.” 

Crawley: “And parables?” 

MrH: “A story that tells a lesson about something. I really didn’t have to tell you that, did I?” (a devious smile, then that childlike, hinting grin) 

Crawley: “No, you didn’t. I knew. (smiling) You have been called ‘The Ultimate Male’ on covers of popular mags. ‘The Sexiest Man Alive’ was another. My favorite is ‘A Man for All Seasons.’ Do you know that reference?” 

MrH: “Just because I was in foster homes, doesn’t mean I’m not educated. Yes, I know the reference.” 

Crawley: (feeling a bit reprimanded and deserving it…) “I guess you would. My apologies. It is my favorite though because it really describes you really well. Don’t you think?” 

MrH: “It’s a name, a phrase. I am just me. Yes, unique. Just like you are unique. Like everyone is unique. What I don’t get is that everyone speaks of me in such ways, and I see exactly all that in everyone else. Why can’t you, everybody, see that about yourselves!?” (the power in his words, coming out of him, the sincerity was overwhelming and I sat back a bit, again slightly catching my breath. It was just the words, it was the way he says them. With absolute authority...) 

Crawley: "I think I understand. Still, you are very unique to even say that about everyone else. Shows caring." 

MrH: "We shouldn’t care?"

Crawley: "No, that’s not what I meant. Just that we don’t find in the real world a lot of day to day caring between people. People don’t seem to care…pardon the pun." 

MrH: (laughs and I believe for once, he was caught off guard a bit) "Mort, you got potential!" (I knew he was being funny back...I grinned a thank you) 

Crawley: "So, you’ve been asked many times about your writings and talks. The talks are so casual and friendly, very intimate. People just want more all the time. They follow you around just to hear you talk. So, among all these stories, parables, talks, what would you say is the biggest threat to mankind? What makes Man the worst?" (he looks at me seemingly surprised by the question...about threat..)

MrH: (never losing composure...he sits comfortable back...) "Simple – selfishness."

Crawley: "I thought you would say money. Power. Greed."

MrH: (suddenly leaning forward towards me) "Money is a mechanism. Selfishness causes the misuse of everything it touches. If you look at every evil ever, history, today, future, it’s basis is just simple human selfishness."

Crawley: "Mmmm. Not sure I really get that totally. Seems more than that..."

MrH: "Well, that’s what most folks say...not getting it. They get it eventually." 

Crawley: "So, in your opinion, I mean, your thought, why are we selfish? I mean, where does selfish come from? Do you know? I would think scientists or psychologists would have figured it all out. And is there a cure?" (I tilted my head and gave him a look of ‘do you really know…’) 

MrH: "One word. Animal."

Crawley: "Animal??" (he didn’t reply so I continued) "Do you mean self-preservation?"

MrH: "I mean Animal, with a capital ‘A’. Self-preservation was inncocently the beginning ot it all. Good observation."

Crawley: ( I felt a little proud but still didn't understand) "Ok, you have my attention. With a capital 'A' ...go on."

MrH: "I didn’t capture it before?" (we both grinned) "I have to run. Our time is up for today. We can pick this up tomorrow. I enjoyed our talk. Hope you did, too." (he stands up slowly with the grace of a cougar) 

Crawley: "Whoa, hold a sec. I need more on this." (I heard the pleading in my voice and didn’t like it) 

MrH: "I do have to run. I will leave this thought to continue on tomorrow. Selfishness is the last vestige of Man’s existence that is still based on being an Animal himself." 

Crawley: (I had no comment as I was processing what he said. He noticed and smiled that huge, disarming smile…I felt the sadness rise knowing he was really leaving...the feeling caught me by surprise. I just looked up at him.) 

MrH: "It’s really pretty simple. As simple as 1, 2, 3, 4! And so is the solution, if Man really wants one." 

Crawley: "You almost sound like someone from another world." 

MrH: "I’ve been told that and sometimes accused of that." (again the child's grin) 

Crawley: "Well are you? Are you like Ziggy Stardust? Are you Ziggy?" (I suppressed the chuckle) 

MrH: "I’m always amazed at why folks want to so analyze a person, more so than listen to a person. I don’t shave my eyebrows so, no, I am not Ziggy." (smiling, he reached out and offered his big hand, with a slight respectful bow) 

Crawley: (I stood up, clasped it with mine, felt the subtle strength in his grip even though it appeared he wasn’t gripping hard at all) "Thank you so much again and for giving me this opportunity."

MrH: "Thank Gabryel. His idea." (unexpectedly, he put his hand on my shoulder) "You’re truly a good person Mort."

Crawley: "Thanks." (felt a slight blush and didn’t want him to notice) (trying not to sound glib...)"How would you know me in so short a time?"

MrH: "I know. I know in everyone. Take care Mort." (he turned and just walked out) 

Crawley: (hesitating I finaly called out after him) "Take care!" (...I didn't think he heard me…) 


Recap Day 1 

I suddenly felt a deep loss after he left. I sat down slowly trying to figure out why. I was really beginning to see why people flock to him. Like an addiction and needing a fix. And he is the fix.

The immense magnetism, charisma coupled with such a friendly, disarming manner is so attractive, so appealing…and I’d even say so alluring. I was just drawn to him, his speech, and just wanted him to stay. To keep talking. It didn't even matter what he would say. Just to hear him talk.

I wrote down notes to discuss next time...

  1. His extreme, subtle sexiness with girls
  2. His famous 1, 2, 3, 4…Ope nThe Door! Never Hesitate! …
  3. More on his background as the back of my mind keeps harbors the word ‘alien’ maybe possibly...'angel' ...
  4. The whole selfishness thing - sure we're all selfish to some degree - I paused at that thought...and the wrote it down
  5. Anything I can to try to trip him up to reveal more about himself
  6. I want to find his motivations, all of them, and where he really came his 'I wouldn't be here if I didn't love people'

I just can't believe that someone like him does all this just to give, with no return to or for himself. No money, no power play or power game, no past or current evils - at least that anyone can find, and simply, no anything. Just him. Here. Now. Again, 'alien' crept into my thoughts.

The other implausible problem is he appears to have literally no ego. No power struggle or desire. While at the same time being so famous and sought after. Anyone else would be on an incredible ego-trip I would believe. Simple human nature. But nothing. Nothing at all. Just a ‘helping friend from the neighborhood’ feeling. Can't be real. But he seems so. Feels so...

It's as if people have secretly been waiting, hoping for someone like him. I found myself wanting more, too. Like a craving obsession.

I wanted more about his theories…or should I say his beliefs and those parables of life. His way to achieve everything for everyone. And it appears it works. The ultimate Good Samaritan.

Smiling, I couldn’t wait till the next interview…or should I say a friendly, caring discussion… 

I started to leave and realized as I walked that it was more than that. I just wanted to be around him again.


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Part 2 …To Be Continued 

Next time Mort delves into:

  • His vision for the world to come everyone is talking about
  • Hearing some of his favorite stories and parables told by him
  • Seeing his idea how simply changing this one thing will completely change the world
  • And much more about this amazing man..

So, more to come... If you haven't already, add yourself now to the mailing list and definitely stay in tuned...!


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