...from rock ballads to the powerhouse...

...from rock ballads to the powerhouse...

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Experience The Fun of "Storytelling Music"...

YELLOW BUTTERFLY - Mystical butterfly magickally appears everywhere and captures whoever sees it, and your wish comes true...

POWER - For those who passionately seek it, true Power is within their reach...

THE RISE & GLORY OF MR. HOLLYWOOD! - Out of a fantasy and apparently from nowhere, an American Idol powerfully and seductively transforms the world, which follows him eagerly...

HEARTS ENSLAVE - Separation and distance can not stop their hearts from touching and enslaving them to each other...

DALILAH - She seduces with ease, she knows her powers, her beauty is unsurpassed on earth, but she holds a hidden secret only one man knows...

TINY LITTLE SKIRT - The fun attraction of everyone to a simple word... Miniskirt...

HER - Watching from afar, as she slowly and silently draws him into her delicious but venomous web, by just being… her...

Some other great ideas to use the Songs for:


YELLOW BUTTERFLY - when you need a quiet, serene moment from life...

HEARTS ENSLAVE, HER, DALILAH - if you are yearning for anything...


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