"Be the Change You Wish to See in the World"

- Gandhi


"Live the Life You've Always Imagined!"

- Henry David Thoreau 

"Live The Now In Wonderment"

- Gabryel Kevyn



My goal and mission is to live the fullest life every day ...and to change the world to a positive place. 

I live the "now", the moment today.

I see absolute wonder in everything, from a tiny pebble, to the bluest sky, to the smile of a child.

I always keep a positive attitude, only allowing powerful positive energy in, around, and from me.

But I am also a realist, and know there's a lot of negative energy trying to pull us down, causing havoc in our world.

Only we can change it.

If we all change our thoughts at once, our vision and actions at once, as one, all will change instantly.

May you find positive in your life always, and beauty in your eyes.

A rainbow is a magickal, mosaic, positive creation. Have "Rainbow Eyes" in all you see.




WHO AM I?? ...loaded question…do you dare?...  

Hi. Welcome to my little story. I’m gonna jump around a lot as thoughts come to me. I hope I don’t bore you and if I do, definitely not intentional :) 

I’m a native Philadelphian, lived here all my life, and love the town. I also love the Jersey Shore (I’m a North Wildwood crazy fan), and I love Florida because of my need for heat and palm trees. 

I’m a fan of history and read and study it whenever I can. Just thinking that people like us actually lived a whole different way, and it was the absolute norm and the current day to them, is amazing to me. In the future, our time and our ways will be just history, too. I think you learn a lot from such points of view and how we can always change our world – because it’s been done so many times before. I’m big about changing our world, now, for the better… 

See My Influences below on this page for some more I'm a fan of. 

Ok, moving on...I love staying in shape and at the same time eating greasy pizza (especially Mack’s on Wildwood’s boardwalk), cheesesteaks (of course Philly and my own awesome ones), and my own-made, loaded with cheese meatball grinders – to name just some of my food loves. There's more on my Candid & Artistic Page... 

Onward to the artistic!... First, I love being an artist – and so thankful having artistic talents (I believe gifts) in many different arts. I love the creation process and the expressing of my feelings. Art to me is the beautiful, moment of expression, and capturing in time, all of our emotions. 

Ever since a child, I wanted to write – books, poetry, anything. After reading Erica Jong’s “Fear of Flying” as a teenager (and was of course totally absorbed by it, if you read it, you know). I knew I had to write a novel. And being a James Patterson and Stephen King fan (as well as others below), I wrote “Innocence Murdered” in those two styles. I love the characters and they are just alive in me. I wanted to capture true human emotions and also the insane craziness of the world, and bring out both extreme sides of our psyche. And the end is the climatic realization of both sides. You may want to cover your eyes. 

(and the beat goes on…) 

I also love poetry. Always have, and it was a course in senior year in high school called “Poetry of Relevance” that solidified my drive to set down my own verse. I learned how powerful poetry really is. During that course, we looked at current poets of the time – Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, etc and it all made real sense to me seeing it all in today’s world, about today’s time and thoughts. And I was and am also a huge fan of other modern-day poets and classical poets. There's a list below... 

The poems you’ll find in “My Sensations” are from the most simple ones to some pretty deep stuff. The poems are from my early days till now – and in no specific order – all randomly put together to take you from one moment to another to another as I lived my emotions and thoughts, and wanted to share with you. 

Ok, now to the music and songwriting side... When I was younger, story writing, poetry, and music all consumed me. They were all one to me. Expressing myself was a burning need and all the crazy growing-up emotions churning in me wanted out. And then, throw in me being an incurable romantic (worse than Romeo sad to say lol), I wanted to explode every day (in a good way). Romance to me was Art. Art was Romance. Ran really deep. I saw it as one expression. And music to me has so much power, even the subtlest, softest parts. 

I loved so many different artists and styles growing up, I had to get going. So, I bought my first recording device: a Fostex 4 Track recorder (if you know it, you just laughed). That little machine actually used a cassette tape as the recording media. But to me, it was a miracle of science! Well, on the converse side, if you do know it, you can appreciate the insanity of bouncing track after track to get more than four parts down to a song! 

Of course, my first couple of songs were huge ridiculous productions – threw everything in there. Most beginning songwriters do that I believe. But I loved it. I was a Superstar! I wrote a song! I wrote another song. I produced them! Ideas kept coming – and I kept adding them in. What a mess! But somehow, they were real. They said my heart and feelings. And writing lyrics came easy from my poetry love. 

(moving fast forward…) 

So, I thought a lot about how I wanted to be portrayed image-wise to go along with my music. Well, the music kept evolving from very pop stuff – was a Madonna and Bowie freak – to rock (Queen, etc) to progressive (Yes) and all back again. And I related very closely with them. And I loved how they portrayed themselves - clothing, hair, makeup, cover art, etc. They all had images! They all did. So did I! Since, I found I could write in many genres and styles from my so diverse influences and loves, images of myself kept coming in and out of my mind's-eye. Got a bit confusing. Got a lot confusing. I wanted to be like Bowie, I wanted to be like Madonna (stop laughing), I wanted to be cool like Clapton, I wanted to be so stylish like Jon Anderson. I wanna, wanna, wanna! I kept looking, Where was me?

Well, being normally crazy in my own mind’s eye (as some who know me so well would agree), and seeing so many different artists when growing up and their awesome images and art, I delved in! I debated showing some of those early image ideas on this site but what the hell. It’s all me and letting it all out is cool (see some in Candid & Artistic). What a journey. And all are me - at whatever time - and some of it still here.

Today I see myself clearly and all my looks are really me (and there are others I don't show here lol). It's like being a galaxy of stars, every star looking unique and wonderful - and all just the same, shining galaxy. All together. What a awesome discovery that one can express oneself so many different ways and still all be just you.

So, during the journey of creating and recreating me, I met a lot of musicians and other writers along the way. Starting band after band, new songs after new songs, look after look, and at times, it seemed like an out-of-control race car already off the track. Rock n' roll!

But looking back, it really all was just an evolution. And a new evolution every time. And also a growing up for me (trust me, not too much because I’ll always be 19). I found my writing (novel, poetry and songwriting) refining more and more, more focused, more deeper in my heart, and more being the real me versus images we sometimes get caught up in and want to be. Finding yourself is an awesome experience. And it never ends - even more awesome.

So, I wrote, performed, mixed, and produced “Wonderland” with some of the material drawn from before and a lot of it from me today. It was an absolute beautiful trip. I still feel every moment from the start till now. I’ll never forget. I wanted every, EVERY part of every song to be magickal, wonderful, and where I listen to them all the time, never getting tired, ever. They capture me and I hope somehow my love transfers to you when you sit back and let the flow pull you forward in your own emotions. 

The cover art took a while to formulate. I wanted something that really expressed a dreamlike mood but with a very real-life look. And still being me. After so many ideas running through me and trying to get to that real feeling I had with “Wonderland”, the rainbow eyes came to me. The image of “seeing” a “full rainbow of life” both inside and outside of me, was truly a Wonderland moment of creation. I knew it right away. I just love the cover. And at this time, I really want to thank Allison Goetz for working with me and doing the beautiful facial art you see on the cover. She was consumed in crafting beauty and really took her time creating every detail. She’s amazing and so much fun to work with. It was magickal for both of us to create and then shoot the cover art. I’m a crazy photography fan, too. 

(almost to the finish lol….) 

What’s next? Mmmmm….it’s churning in me. May be a rock album, maybe kind of bluesy, maybe metal fusion (what!?!), may be more pop style with a different flair, maybe just an acoustic guitar, maybe maybe maybe mmmmm…I can’t wait to find out! Stay tuned. And did I mention the sequel to “Innocence Murdered” and more “Little Stories” in the works…? It’s just all good, fun stuff! Hope you’ll sign up and come back… 

So, I hope you enjoyed my little story/bio of my journey in life and art. I left out all the real naughty and pretty crazy stuff and experiences so you’ll have to ask me in person at a show sometime or in passing. I hope I meet old friends again and meet new ones. It's all about people in the end. Finally, I love breaking the rules and seeing and going past the everyday norms we follow at times. I love creating and thinking the "new". Oh, I forgot to mention breaking the rules? We can talk more… 

All I can say is: "live every moment as the best ever"– stay completely positive even against the worst wind, and drop me a line to talk about anything, anytime. And, that’s what my YouTube show “Everything Gabryel” will be all about – everything! Soon to be released so good idea to get on my mail list if not already! :) 

Have a Wonderland Day! 



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