Live Touring! 

Making fun plans for new local touring. Ability to perform anywhere and any size place. So no place is safe from me LOL!

Will also be expanding out to even greater areas.

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FREE Short Stories Coming! 

New FREE and Intriguing Short Stories in the works. Yours free for stopping by and rockin’ with me.

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"Rock Your Life!" 

Video studio all set up and ready to go.

Finishing test shots and prep for YouTube's “Rock Your Life!”

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Gonna be a trip!

Music, Writings, and Full Site Launch! 

After many months (and years :) finally launching my website as well as full online distribution to iTunes, Pandora, Amazon, etc...

I welcome all to explore the site and links and please find some treasure here for your own. I very much appreciate you coming by, supporitng me and new rock, and hope you will sign up to stay in tune and in touch with new stuff happening and new music.

Rock on and Let's Get Rockin'!

So much more to come...

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