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Have a Wonderland Day!

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Gabryel Kevyn - Beautiful Pop Music

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Gabryel Kevyn

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Gabryel Kevyn

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All Life around us is full of so many diverse wonders, like a beautiful rainbow.
All Life within us is also full of many diverse wonders we each possess that makes us who we are.
Having "Rainbow Eyes" means seeing both the mosaic wonders in us and around us!
Have a Wonderland Day!

About the songs...

I always find it interesting how songs develop with me. There's a magickal moment when inspiration burns in me.

Each song has a special meaning to me. A unique experience in my life.

The album "Wonderland" are some of those personal experiences created in music and lyrics.

Feelings, wonders in song...

Here are what the songs mean to me...I hope you find  beautiful meanings in your life from them, too. 

 WONDERLAND -  Wonderland takes me to the world I feel inside, how I see the world around me, where everything is pure wonderment being alive... 

ANOTHER DAY -  It's about Always Love. No matter what happens, even loss, Love remains and it brings us back together... 

HOLDING ON TO -  Youth is forever in our hearts and soul. Staying young and loving another so deep survives anything and remains forever. Always holding on...

RED! HOT! -  All about being motivated! Doesn't matter what you desire, just stay Red! Hot!....

YELLOW BUTTERFLY -  Do Angels or spiritual messengers take form to tell us something? Do they persist until we feel it, too? Until we learn?...

...every day is a Wonderland Day for me. I see beauty in everything. I hope you find your own inspirations in "Wonderland" and in everything you do!



Album Press 

“Upbeat, life-positive songs giving feelings of everyday amazement, deep love, feeling alive, personal motivation, sincere hope, inspiration, and beautiful mysteries.”   

“Gabryel Kevyn's debut Pop Album is full of life, sharing moments in time, for the listener and fan alike, feelings of uplifting, strong creative energy, along with deep feelings of genuine hope and love, searching subtle mysteries, upbeat personal drive, finding inspiration, and sincere, soul-touching moments of a world filled with mosaic music and imagery. Be ready to be pleasantly consumed. Enjoy and savor Gabryel's beautiful glimpses of our world and our lives.”

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