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Gabryel is a passionate, vibrant artist of many styles and genres. His arts are his magickal way to connect with himself and with you. With all his creations, Gabryel sincerely hopes you find fun and expression to enjoy, contemplative to laughing, serious to joyful, tongue-in-cheek to mysterious, thrillers to whodunit! Gabryel pens stories and brings characters into the living world. He’ll challenge you with deep mystery solving and explores with you the depths of our existence, what motivates us, and occasionally some truly insane motivations. Gabryel authors poetry of living, real emotions that have and do run through his soul as they may you. Gabryel also writes songs and lyrics that express his true feelings for you to enjoy and experience over and over again. He challenges us to really look at ourselves truthfully, our needs and desires, and discard the unwanted, the evil and build the greatness we all are. Putting life into perspective, he says: “We all have between now and our end. We know the now. We don’t know the end. The now is moving. Everything possible is simply in between.”

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PRESS RELEASE: Amazon - Innocence Murdered - Author: Gabryel Kevyn

PRESS RELEASE: Amazon - Innocence Murdered - Author: Gabryel Kevyn


Plot Twists and Ancient Evil Make New Novel Stunning Addition to Crime Thrillers Genre 

Innocence Murdered by Gabryel Kevyn is spine chilling in its implications for the dark side of the human psyche

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Innocence Murdered, the first in the new Triumvirate Series by Gabryel Kevyn, is a detective murder mystery of epic proportions. Gabryel combines the psychology of a killer along with a bevy of plot twists to create a world in which the depravity of the human mind knows no bounds. 

Written in the tradition of James Patterson, Innocence Murdered is nonetheless deeply philosophical in its treatment of a vicious crime spree targeting the children of wealthy families. Via his detective trio, Gabryel explores human nature in its various extremes, both good and bad. The author’s study in history, religion and war makes his observations all the more disturbingly true in their fictional setting, while a background plot set 2000 years ago in the midst of ancient Rome culminates in a shocking twist at the end of the novel. 

Innocence Murdered is intense from the first page. Gabryel keeps the suspense going nonstop as his detective trio ventures towards unimaginable horror worthy of Stephen King—and a second book. 

For more information or to request a free review copy, members of the press can contact the author at or use the below Inquiry Form. Innocence Murdered is available for sale online at and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide. 

About the Author 

A student of humanity, Gabryel Kevyn attended University of Pennsylvania as an English major  and is the winner of the Human Relations Award. He writes literary fiction, poetry, essays and songs, as well as owning his own successful recording studio. Now in the throes of his new litery and music releases, he lives in Pennsylvania.


"That ending is pretty crazy! This story is going to make a great movie!" Jerry D.

"Great novel It kept me so interested. I really enjoyed and could visualize the 3 main characters. I didn't expect the ending.I want to know when the next one is published!" Regene K.

"It's a page turner!!! Totally can be a movie!" Heidi M.

"This book is fantastic! Very surprised with the ending! I never would have guessed. Truly great read. I can't wait til the next one!" Chris C.  

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