GABRYEL - a Rhapsody of Many Muses

Singer Songwriter - The New Pop, Pop/Rock, Rock, Metal, Country
Literary Writer Poet - Thrillers, Mysteries,  Thoughtful, Fun, Sexual
Photography Videographer Artist - Dramatic, Nature, Personal, Sensual
Teacher - Life, Solving, Personality, Fullness, Insight, Mysteries
Bohemian - Free, Spirit, Loving, Giving, Diversity, Rebel
Founder - "The Changers" 
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Gabryel is more than music, though his touching and upbeat songwriting and honeyed lively voice continuously attract and please all levels of fans looking for positive feelings of the heart and living. It’s hard not to keep singing his lyrics long after enjoying the songs every time, reliving the uplifting presence he gives to us.


Inspired by John Mayer and YES Jon Anderson, Gabryel found within himself and for all, that “wonderland sound” you hear throughout all his songs that people are saying is both sensual and addictive.

A rebel at heart, a true free spirit, Gabryel believes the world can change for the better for all of us. He channels his soul into all he creates and performs with such an alive drive while at the same time letting that boyish charm of his voice capture us all along the way.


His just released masterful Debut Pop album “Wonderland” is comprised of five captivating tracks, bringing together his true ability and want to touch us and speak to us. His flowing melodies and uplifting words tell us that we can always find, no matter what path we are experiencing, our own Wonderland in life and to always stay positive no matter what, for we each can truly bring into our lives and hearts the beauty and fun we seek. He brings such freshness to our ears and hearts.


Gabryel gives even more to our wanting desire to delve even deeper into our amazing psyche. He challenges us with literary talents of either sending us to hell and back to show us what we can all conquer, or will touch us with his simple and meaningful poems where we can frolic among the many feelings he has experienced and then feel ourselves in them, too.


Born in the City of Brotherly Love Philadelphia, Gabryel grew up with music all around him and quickly learned how much he loved crafting songs and lyrics. A multi-talented musician grew into a fan-loving songwriter and dramatic novelist. He never stops so keep looking for more from his artistic soul and in many new and groundbreaking ways.


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