Novel by Gabryel Kevyn

This novel’s split-second suspense is absorbing and penetrating, revealing the terror of an incredibly realistic crime spree that involves a murderer-kidnapper who preys on wealthy families.

Biblical passages directly from the Old Testament are the only clues, and the letters “FHC,” in this absolute page-turning, action-filled adventure! Buy today and fly from ancient Rome to today’s world in this wonderfully crafted James Patterson/Stephen King style thriller! 

Here are your sleuths: 

  • Frankie Oswald: Chief of Police, Philadelphia - responsible to solve the crime - the press and public are screaming at him - he’s seriously beginning to crack… 
  • Fletcher Saxtan: Retired Detective - Frankie’s former brilliant but rebel partner - reluctant to aid his friend and go back to hell - loves his newfound freedom… 
  • Melanie Sanders: Adorable mystery writer - falls into the fray unexpectedly - has a keen eye for clues - wants to help Fletcher, who wants no help - becomes romantically attached… 
  • Josh Stein: Promising young journalist from out of town - desperately trying to make his name as the top journalist - believes he knows the secret biblical messages’ meanings - and no one is listening… 

These are your suspects: 

  • Eddy: Teenager, son of the DA - crazed teen cult leader - self-important, cocky, and game-player - hates Fletcher immensely - loves to mislead and taunt them... 
  • Father Brandon: Catholic Priest - code name “Lucifer” - pompous member of secret sect - knows a lot but refuses to help - under enormous pressure to stay silent... 
  • Merrie ‘The PP’ Watson: Filthy homeless vagabond - with a taste for young girls - convicted once but now free - always found nearby the scenes - disgusts Melanie terribly... 

These are the key players: 

  • Rosalyn: Insanely sexy and promiscuous wife of the DA - has her eyes on Fletcher for her own reasons - tearing Fletcher apart between her and Melanie... 
  • Stuart Martino: Father of two teenagers missing - bent on using his enormous power and money to circumvent the investigation to get his daughters back safe - has already lost his mind... 
  • “Gabriel”: Secret sect leader who is only known by his code name - Father Brandon’s adviser with commands him to stay silent for fear of Vatican secrets being revealed - closely watching the investigation... 
  • Daiafar: Ancient High Priest from the past - involved in the beginnings of the centuries old secret practice which Josh Stein is eagerly hunting down - as Josh believes it may not be religious at all... 
  • Danny: Young and naïve detective - somehow seems to be involved in some way, somehow, but no one can figure out his true role until it’s too late... 

This is your mission: 

1) ...solve the mystery of the biblical clues and the ancient practice

2) ...determine the right guilty suspect(s) and their real motivation

3) ...figure out the true meaning of the crime spree, before the end, and before it’s too late!




Verse by Gabryel Kevyn

Verse? Isn't that Poetry? Well, yes it is! And so are the Lyrics/Words to any song (whether Pop, Rap, Rock, etc).

Verse is simply Lyrics without a song behind them. Conveying a message, a feeling, a one of the most powerful ways. Since there's no song behind the words, each word is powerful, each phrase is powerful.

If you are new to Verse, or from your past have a unfounded dislike due to peer pressure or other reasons, maybe now is the time to rediscover a powerful art...because you may have a lot of the same feelings that are expressed on any of the pages.

This gem of a book is written in a simple format and some are very short. Savor each word and phrase slowly, re-read again and again until meanings start appearing, or sometimes it's not a thought at all but just a feeling from the words...and find something for yourself!

For example, read the different excerpts below, some of my favorites...and then the explanations under them...

I’m a squirrel with freewill 

Up a tree I go 

Mechanical ya know. 

Every day it’s nuts and ants 

But today it seems I can’t. 

It seems, it seems 

With my first dream 

I awake from centuries free 

From millennium’s high tree. 

Looking up to the sky 

I realize I will die 

And cautiously down I look… 

My new soul shook, 

To see, never seen before 

My nakedness to the core 

And I wonder 

My first… 

Why I’m here on Earth.

Meaning: I always wondered when ancient Man first had a thought, first time realized themselves, and eventually, must have wondered why he was alive. What if that, out of nowhere, suddenly happened to a squirrel? Just to "think" it has freewill means it is now self-aware and and thinks like we do now. And now transitioning from a mechanical, instinctive life, to one of thought and and wonder. Why was Man chosen? Could it happen to any animal eventually? A curious thought...


Rain hitting water 

Sparkled by sunshine

Meaning: Just an image...can you see it?


Immortal I’ve become 

A wish that I have won 

I jump and scream 

The happiest of dreams 

Until it dawns on me 

Sobering truth it be 

That never ever will I taste 

The Heaven that awaits.

Meaning: Ok, first take the premise that Heaven does exist. Now, what if we became immortal on Earth? You can't even kill yourself. Would be great right? Well, maybe not... because we would never know Heaven.

Last excerpt of 81 different Verses...


To dream an impossible dream 

Means to live an impossible life.


Meaning: Make all your dreams possible in your mind...and heart...


Hope you enjoyed these excerpts! To get the book and have all 81 Verses for your own, below is the link to Amazon. Let me know what you think and feel! Thanks and enjoy! 



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